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I'm J.B. Santos, Head Interpreter and Founder of Alpha Interpreters.  As an experienced Interpreter and Translator, my objective is precision and authenticity.  I founded our company from a passion for languages and helping people and organizations, by bridging the communication gap.  


Our team is relentless in focusing on each and every detail so we never compromise even one word in the message delivered.

J.B. Santos

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The vocabulary range and professionalism of our Interpreter was impressive. We had him helping us in several business seminars on a business trip, and he nailed it, even though every event required a different vocabulary.

Frankie B.

Our Interpreter's speed and faithfulness in transmitting the message let us in awe. Would definitely recommend Alpha to anyone with any interpreting needs. 

Steven D.

Off the charts! I was impressed on how my Interpreter could keep up with the vocabulary and keep professionalism even in an emotional setting. 

Sandy W.

Experienced translator providing reliable Portuguese and Spanish translation services for diverse content


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